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Draft D10 CAT Plan Report Available for Public Review and Comment

Apr 12, 2021 at 10:00am

District 10 CAT Plan now available for Public/Partner Agency Review and Comment


The District 10 California Active Transportation (CAT) Plan Draft Report is open for public review and comment. The Draft Report describes the CAT Plan's efforts to identify existing conditions of state highway system (SHS) bicycle and pedestrian facilities, and the report evaluates where active transportation needs are located based on data analysis and survey feedback. The Plan serves as a basis from which Caltrans, agency partners, and the public can make decisions on where to focus efforts and future projects that enhance connectivity on the SHS and to local networks, and where to implement changes that incorporate equity and safety for users of active transportation. You can access the draft at this link: The D10 CAT Plan Public/Partner Review Draft. You can leave comments in the web PDF document by logging in or by creating a Dropbox account. You can also provide comments directly to Charles Carroll, the District 10 CAT Plan lead, by emailing them to Please reference the page number when leaving a comment.