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A bicyclist on the highway and cyclist in front of Caltrans sign.

District 2


The Caltrans District 2 Team is so very excited to share in this District Active Transportation Plan experience with you.

A message from Dave Moore, Caltrans District 2 Director:

As a long time career as a transportation engineer and active transportation advocate, I am excited about the direction the department is taking in elevating alternative modes of transportation to a higher level in the planning, project development, and maintenance of our state highways with a focused lens on complete streets and active transportation.  Public input on this plan is crucial to the future development and the addition of bike, pedestrian and other modes of transportation access to our highways.

Please click here to take the location based needs survey -  CATPlan Survey District 2 - Home

In case you are not familiar with District 2, below is some information to help:

District 2 (D2), bordered by Oregon to the north and Nevada to the east, covers the following northeastern counties: Lassen, Modoc, Plumas, Shasta, Siskiyou, Tehama, and Trinity.

D2 is the second largest geographical Caltrans district, though for the most part its counties are sparsely populated and its cities small in comparison to the state’s averages. Nearly half of D2’s population resides in Shasta County, and approximately one-quarter of the District’s population resides within the City of Redding.

The District is primarily rural, has large areas of undeveloped land, and each of its counties is at least 40% forested land. Much of the land in the District is held in public ownership with nearly 75% owned by Federal and State Agencies.

The District’s transportation partners include Native American Tribes; regional agencies; counties and cities; unincorporated communities; Federal, State, and Local entities; special interest groups; and members of the community. Since public roads interlink with the State Highway System, it is important to work with our partner agencies to ensure effective connectivity in the transportation network.


We look forward to creating this document with you,

D2, Office of Complete Streets and Livable Communities 


The District 2 Technical Advisory Group includes community members from each county sharing their experiences and knowledge regarding active transportation, health, and public engagement. They help the project team ground truth analyses and engage local community members.

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Caltrans District 2
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